Our Crew

Bill began his maritime career running sportfishing yachts on the east coast. While earning his college degree in business management, he delivered yachts and raced sailboats at a professional level. His love of boating rose... Read More
Bryan is a lifelong boating enthusiast. From offshore fishing to extended cruising, Bryan appreciates all that the marine environment has to offer. His most recent boat named "Intrepid" was a 62' Compass yachtfisher. Intrepid was... Read More
Megan is a lifelong resident of Anacortes that grew up sailing and has always loved to be on the water.  She came to us with over 25 years’ experience in customer service as well as... Read More
Joining Pacific Marine Sales with a valuable past of sales experience and mechanical knowledge, Jordan Korsgren has hit the ground running with our brokerage team. Investing in his maritime portfolio with spending time employed at... Read More
With over 25 years of fishing in the Puget Sound area, Captain Scott brings a vast knowledge of boating and fishing experience to the team.  He has recreationally fished extensively in South East Alaska and... Read More
What a team!  Phil and Janine have been involved in the maritime industry for over 40 years together.  Starting off with commercial fishing in Prince William Sound Alaska, which led them into operating charter and... Read More
Involved in the boating industry starting in the Cayman Islands in early 2000. Worked in both the financial & marketing sector.